Alert and network statistics

This pages lists the statistics on released alerts, and on observations by the ground-based network. The number of observations and list of most productive observatories are based on the reports provided by the observers through the Gaia-FUN-SSO alert pages (not from MPC reports).

Statistics on alerts and reports

Summary of released alerts
First alert 2016-12-01
Current last alert 2018-06-19
Number of alerts 1795
Summary of ground-based observations
Number of observations 54
Reported candidates 42
Reported attempts without identification 12

The number of observed candidates is larger than the actual number of Gaia alerts recovered from the ground as unknown SSOs may be present in the same field of view and mis-attributed to the alert.

Statistics on observatory contribution

Most productive observatories
Observatory Observations
Haute Provence20

Successfully recovered alert from the ground

The list below contains the minor bodies that have been discovered by Gaia, observed from the ground, and successfully confirmed. Some candidates observed from the ground have indeed been shown to be unknown minor bodies, different from those discovered by Gaia.

Alerts observed from the ground
Alert MPC Designation
g2A08E2018 BR2
g2C0032008 UA375
g1z01A2018 AW18
g1j0D72017 RW16
g0T0152017 AD17