Alert and network statistics

This pages lists the statistics on released alerts, and on observations by the ground-based network. The number of observations and list of most productive observatories are based on the reports provided by the observers through the Gaia-FUN-SSO alert pages (not from MPC reports).

Statistics on alerts and reports

Summary of released alerts
First alert 2016-12-01
Current last alert 2022-12-01
Number of alerts 2520
Summary of ground-based observations
Number of observations 427
Reported candidates 409
Reported attempts without identification 18

The number of observed candidates is larger than the actual number of Gaia alerts recovered from the ground as unknown SSOs may be present in the same field of view and mis-attributed to the alert.

Statistics on observatory contribution

Most productive observatories
Observatory Observations
Haute Provence82
McDonald Observatory-LCO ELP40
Sutherland-LCO C36
Siding Spring-LCO A35
Siding Spring-LCO B34
Sutherland-LCO B25
Kyiv comet station21
Cerro Tololo-LCO A20
Cerro Tololo-LCO C16
McDonald Observatory-LCO ELP Aqawan A #115
Sutherland-LCO A12

Successfully recovered alert from the ground

The list below contains the minor bodies that have been discovered by Gaia, observed from the ground, and successfully confirmed. Some candidates observed from the ground have indeed been shown to be unknown minor bodies, different from those discovered by Gaia.

Alerts observed from the ground
Alert MPC Designation
g5w0052016 PV233
g5r0042016 NL145
g5r0012016 VE52
g5p0042021 RF125
g5p0002020 AZ22
g5j00F2009 QX79
g5i0042002 UK30
g5i001(17615) Takeomasaru
g5i0002009 QX79
g5q0032020 GE28
g5f0262016 JV53
g5f0002012 TU248
g5e0142021 PO41
g5e0132017 RJ136
g5d00A2005 UP538
g5d0102014 FH88
g5d01E2006 QE26
g5d01B2018 UJ31
g5d01D2020 HY13
g5d0162012 RY36
g5Z0982016 AZ356
g5Q0242020 YS17
g5R2D62021 DR3
g5Q01B2014 WW588
g5L0242016 CL166
g4q0192015 KS180
g4103D2020 OR109
g4q0412015 TN427
g4p0062019 KF12
g4p0072016 RY70
g4o0032010 CP9
g4o0052010 CS233
g4p0032017 WN54
g4p0012014 QT153
g4n02D2011 KB50
g4p0022015 XQ380
g4m1992008 XF67
g4n0772015 XZ361
g4m11D2012 UE67
g4m19A2015 XV119
g4m0E42019 JF71
g4m12E2020 SH20
g4m10B2007 TQ171
g4m0002016 YR6
g4m0072014 NC85
g4m0422016 UD37
g4m0672020 RX46
g4l0AA2002 QF152
g4l0882016 UB254
g4l0822020 PL8
g4l00D2016 VO30
g4k0072014 UE261
g4l0452007 TL154
g4k0082020 PL8
g4l0022013 BT14
g4k00F2020 JQ
g4i03C2017 YZ42
g4h0012021 RA7
g4h00C2017 YZ42
g4b05F2010 MP5
g4b0442020 CA4
g4X02D2015 DP271
g4X0462016 JS48
g4U0232011 BZ195
g4U0032006 EF19
g4U0082015 DS177
g4S1072011 BD79
g4T04D2012 VH127
g4S0ED2012 NS1
g4S0E02015 DS177
g4S0FA2004 RW265
g4S0DB2010 LC71
g4S0DF2006 EF19
g4S0E32011 BZ195
g4S0302008 WW156
g4R0022010 LZ92
g4P0032020 FV9
g4Q0022013 JU75
g4Q0002017 OS101
g4P00D2020 FS23
g4P00B2015 DN18
g4O03D2012 XO169
g4L0222016 PP209
g4L01F2010 KT102
g4L01D2015 LK30
g4L0212013 YG63
g4L0112016 VF29
g4L0162020 BG4
g4K0BD2018 VC24
g4H009202 BF13
g4G00F2013 WR125
g4F0412005 SM266
g4E0E02007 AT10
g4E0212013 WR125
g4E00D2018 VA108
g4E04B2004 PE119
g4E0BA2009 CJ71
g4E0B42005 YQ147
g4D0012015 BC615
g4C07C2015 BC615
g4C0522009 FR78
g4C0322002 RW300
g4C0612002 TB337
g4B04F2002 XL124
g4A0152008 TG224
g3X0212009 FE89
g3X0202016 RZ59
g3W0462010 OL80
g3o0342014 WF362
g3o03A2001 QP166
g3q02C2011 WZ6
g3q0382014 WB358
g3q0302015 VM38
g3q0102013 AZ86
g3q0212011 WZ6
g3v11F2016 AE178
g3v0062018 SW14
g3r03F2014 RC71
g3r0562006 SA433
g3r0452016 EN257
g3s0062014 WJ237
g3t0862015 AP52
g3t0892019 QQ4
g3u0062015 BT255
g3u0002010 ME35
g3v0722010 EA113
g3q01F2015 TA321
g3o01E2015 FT6
g3q0222005 PX30
g3p0012016 AT163
g3q0002010 ME35
g3q02B2010 PM80
g3m0DB2006 TE78
g3m0D52005 JW66
g3m0A52015 XN301
g3m1152015 DJ144
g3m12F2007 BM36
g3m10B2015 FK216
g3m0FB2019 SL15
g3n1252019 NP22
g3n0722019 TU37
g3n1472013 TS201
g3n1042019 PH16
g3n0702014 QP82
g3n0562015 FT6
g3n0C92013 BG88
g3n0472019 SB18
g3k05A2002 PJ46
g3n00B2010 MW27
g3n00A2015 AE5
g3m0EB2009 AA55
g3m0E62013 CN233
g3m0FE2011 TJ59
g3m0ED2014 MT18
g3k11D2011 UG57
g3k1262002 JX151
g3k05A2002 PJ46
g3l00D2017 GF13
g3l00C2018 MA6
g3l00B2006 KK150
g3l00A2015 KQ159
g3l0082015 KQ159
g3h03D2015 XF253
g3h0C82003 UH428
g3h0572014 UC33
g3d1182015 OC29
g3e0362013 CO75
g3e0AF2010 RZ197
g3d1D72006 UY198
g3d1B92019 OU16
g3d1B72011 CM78
g3d12F2006 QY130
g3d0392014 UR201
g3d0CF2019 PX11
g3d0AD2011 FL53
g3d0572017 DG58
g3d0AC2005 PK4
g3b0602014 MR79
g3b0182005 NV79
g3b0082011 UP266
g3a0A42008 UN378
g3Z22E2017 WN12
g3a0462014 MU10
g3Z1392015 MX123
g3Z0712013 FM5
g3Z0B02012 TD107
g3Z0842012 TN282
g3W0512009 SR227
g3W0642015 VJ17
g3W0362016 YS7
g3U0642011 PG3
g3U0102014 QG224
g3U0A62015 OG8
g3R0F82019 JR46
g3R0EA2019 GP9
g3R0972019 JQ3
g3R0B42010 MK146
g3Q0412014 NT63
g3Q05B2019 HO4
g3Q0612019 AU45
g3Q0852006 BE42
g3Q0732006 AZ11
g3Q07F2005 CW67
g3Q04A2011 CD122
g3Q0482015 VQ186
g3Q0382000 YU145
g3O0082015 MX182
g3O0092019 AH96
g3H0422012 DU106
g3G01D2012 VL8
g3H0052018 YN1
g3G05F2018 YN1
g3G03A2018 AB2
g3G0272019 CZ10
g3F0192006 UM367
g3F01F2017 XL59
g3F00F2017 SR134
g3A01D2018 YM4
g3A0122007 TX74
g2z0642017 KN2
g2z0A62007 TQ121
g2z1232018 XA8
g2z0302019 AF18
g2z0F02018 VW70
g2z05D2005 QK10
g2z05D2018 YK4
g2z0302018 YL4
g2y00B2018 XL20
g2x0112018 XG20
g2w0002016 LU68
g2r0982007 RF313
g2r1B42013 YT104
g2k0D12007 RQ240
g2k0B92018 TE21
g2k0AF2014 UO218
g2k02D2018 RF38
g2c02C2013 JK63
g2b01D2018 NO12
g2b0632001 TG266
g2b06F2018 LK18
g2b0012018 NO12
g2a0062018 NM7
g2a0012018 LY8
g2A08E2018 BR2
g2C0032008 UA375
g1y02D2015 HF58
g1u02B2013 AK149
g1u1242015 LU1
g1z01A2018 AW18
g1j03C2012 VR82
g1j0D72017 RW16
g1Y0312017 MY7
g0T0152017 AD17
gA01422014 DM45